Medical Camps

28 July, 2016 Karachi, Activities

HI has set up camps on weekends in various locations in Karachi, with their targeted area extending from public schools in Mathiari to those in Korangi and Gizri. These camps are designed to assess the status of the basic health education of the students in those areas. The students’ height and weight are recorded and the BMI is calculated. This is followed by a vision test, and a basic medical work up is performed consisting of blood pressure, heart rate and breathing rate. The students’ history is also taken at this time. A separate eye clinic is set up so as to give these impoverished students access to prescription lenses if the need arises. In either of these set ups, if any red flags are noticed, the student is given a note referring him or her to a physician at an accessible hospital.

List of medical camps:

  • Sirat ul Jannah Orphanage Medical Camp (March 2013)
  • Abbas Town Medical Camp (April 2014)
  • Jamshed School, Hijrat Colony Health Camp (Oct-Dec 2014)
  • Junejo School, Hijrat Colony Health Camp (January 2015)
  • Special Children’s School, PNAD Health Camp (February 2015)
  • Ibrahim Hyderi School Health Camp (March 2015)
  • Abdullah Shah Ghazi School Health Camp (April 2015)
  • Hijrat Colony School Health Camp (June 2015)


Related Causes

Disaster Response and First Aid Training

We train members of these communities in CPR, first aid, and heat wave awareness and preparedness

Health Education Camps

The purpose of these camps is to raise awareness amongst students about nutrition and hygiene.

How you can Help!

Humanity initiative is always welcoming new people who wish to help up in cash or kind. Our volunteer opportunities are open to students and others who think they can contribute to our mission. Humanity initiative runs mainly on donations, which are invested in our various projects. Without the financial support we would not be able to do the work that we do. Your donations are crucial for us to our part. Donate or volunteer now and become a part of the HI family and join us to help, heal, and feel.