Health Education Camps

28 July, 2016 Karachi, Activities

The health education camps mostly toke place at the same locations as the medical camps, often simultaneously, though they have been carried out at other locations as well. The purpose of these camps is to raise awareness amongst students about nutrition and hygiene. The presentations are in Urdu, accompanied by pictures so that the children can understand what is being talked about. Topics covered by these camps include: balanced diets (highlighting the reasons and significance of each aspect of one’s diet, including vitamins and water), the importance of exercise, dental hygiene, the importance of sanitation, basic sanitation techniques such as correct hand washing and the use of tissues when ill, and environmental cleanliness.

Related Causes

Disaster Response and First Aid Training

We train members of these communities in CPR, first aid, and heat wave awareness and preparedness

Medical Camps

These camps are designed to assess the status of the basic health education of the students.

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