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On 3rd March 2013 a bomb blast occurred in a neighborhood, in Karachi, called Abbas Town. The severity of the disaster jolted a group of medical students into action. Working together they first started donation drives and later decided to go assist the victims in kind.

With the help of other organizations, the group of students conducted as series of medical camps in the neighborhood. While this allowed them to take care of some of the immediate needs of the community as well as learn some invaluable lessons about practicing compassion, they witnessed a lack of first aid knowledge among the laymen which, potentially, caused a loss of limbs and lives. In addition, the corporate nature of the health system had disillusioned them, as they began to perceive the Hippocratic Oath as a hypocritical one and felt that modern medical practice was beginning to lose its humanitarian focus.

This was when they decided to form an organization called Humanity Initiative which would serve the community by focusing on preventive medicine and, in the process, provide a platform for their colleagues to get involved in humanitarian activities and help, heal, feel.

Our Philosophy


To strive for a Pakistan in which medical personnel volunteer their time and skills to improve the health of communities.


To provide a platform for volunteering medical personnel to better serve communities through health education sessions, medical camps and other health-related interventions.


Empathy: to understand the needs of the beneficiaries.
Compassion: to have the desire to alleviate the suffering of the beneficiaries.
Sincerity: to remain focused on our goal of serving humanity.
Perseverance: to overcome any challenges we may face in the course of our mission.
Partnership: to work together and with other organisations in order to synergise our efforts and achieve a greater impact.


people trained in disaster
response and first aid.


people trained in CPR


people catered to
in medical camps.


people given health
education training

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