September 23, 2017: CHEP at Government Girls Secondary School Korangi 3 ½

September 23, 2017: Visit to Government Girls Secondary School Korangi Number 3 ½ Karachi

‘Every single one of us deserves to have the basic health guidelines, know the basic preventive measures and be provided with enough knowledge to protect ourselves from health hazards. This was the goal of our small volunteering camp arranged by Humanity Initiative at Government Girls Secondary School Korangi Number 3 ½, Karachi. It was surprising for us to see how the students were enthusiastic and eager to participate in the session. With their smiling faces and sparkling eyes each and every one of them listened with full attention to what we told them and we are sure every one of them learnt all the things we told them by heart. It was a wonderful experience to spread some good habits among others and to cheer up their day. I am sure they had a story to take home that day and tell their parents, their siblings and their friends. Such small attempts to improve health and spread awareness may seem small but their impact is surely gigantic. Those little minds we teach today will tomorrow become mature enough to influence others’ lives. And educating somebody is a great gift.’

-Mustansir Mehdi, Medical Student

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