To strive for a Pakistan in which medical personnel volunteer their time and skills to improve the health of communities.


To provide a platform for volunteering medical personnel to better serve communities through health education sessions, medical camps and other health-related interventions.


Empathy: to understand the needs of the beneficiaries.
Compassion: to have the desire to alleviate the suffering of the beneficiaries.
Sincerity: to remain focused on our goal of serving humanity.
Perseverance: to overcome any challenges we may face in the course of our mission.
Partnership: to work together and with other organisations in order to synergise our efforts and achieve a greater impact.

  • Disaster Response and First Aid Training

    We train members of these communities in CPR, first aid, and heat wave awareness and preparedness

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  • Health Education Camps

    The purpose of these camps is to raise awareness amongst students about nutrition and hygiene.

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  • Medical Camps

    These camps are designed to assess the status of the basic health education of the students.

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Become a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer

Our volunteer opportunities are open to students and others who think they can contribute to our mission.

Send Donation

Send Donation

Humanity initiative runs mainly on donations, which are invested in our various projects.

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September 23, 2017: CHEP at Government Girls Secondary School Korangi 3 ½

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March 11, 2017: Women’s Health Education session at Jinnah International Airport

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March 8th 2017: Child Health Education Camp with Project Mustakbil

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March 8th 2017: The HI team held a child health education camp in association with Project Mustakbil READ MORE

  • What people say about us!

    We greatly appreciate the contribution of members of Humanity Initiative that collaborated with Mustakbil in holding two Heat Wave Awareness sessions for women and children in communities we are engaged with. The team of Humanity Initiative was able to generate great interest and participation, and was able to transfer their enthusiasm to the community members that were both educated and also had great fun while interacting with the Humanity Initiative members.

    We hugely enjoyed our collaboration and greatly look forward to further engaging and collaborating with them and wish them all the best in their work and greater success!

    Farhan Anwar (Executive Director, Sustainable Initiatives)
  • What people say about us!

    It has been great working with Humanity Initiative. I know the founders personally and I was confident that Yasir and Taha would put together something awesome. HI conducts health camps that are much more organized, cost effective and efficient than other volunteer camps available in the city. I would highly recommend HI to anyone who is looking for a volunteer experience as a physician or physician-in-process. All the best to the new heads Amna and Nabeel!! They are wonderful people to work with..”

    Good luck!

    Mohammad Ahraz Hussain (AKU class of 2014)
  • What people say about us!

    I started volunteering at Humanity Initiative when I was a final year medical student at AKU. This organization not only provides health care assistance to children but also plays an important role on a preventive level by education and counseling at kindergarten schools. I would feel devoted to participate every time when I could get the chance to talk to the families and clear out misconceptions about seeking healthcare for their children. I am still a member of HI and would continue rendering my services.

    Thank you

    Ayaz Ghouse (AKU class of 2014)